Commercial Pressure Washing


Commercial Pressure Washing for Businesses of Any Size

When you place your trust in Under Pressure to take care of your property, our first goal is to learn exactly how you want things done. We know that property managers and business owners have differing priorities and vision, and we will meet with your team to tailor a cleaning plan that includes the exact services you want at a cost that fits your company’s budget.

Utilizing only the finest equipment and trusted cleaning supplies, we help you provide a clean, safe environment for your employees and customers alike. We also offer flexible, ongoing maintenance cleaning plans so you can focus on doing what you do best. Should you choose, we offer to send you appointment reminders and electronic invoices to help you stay ahead of unsightly dirt, mold and mildew.

Under Pressure cares about clean! Our passion is to make things look and feel better, and we take pride in turning properties from looking their age to looking brand new!


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What Can We Wash For You?

  • Outdoor Sports Facilities
  • Dumpster Pads
  • Schools
  • Church & Worship Buildings
  • Fast Food Restaurants
  • Warehouses
  • Trucking and Construction Companies
  • Concrete Surface Pressure Washing
  • Sidewalk Cleaning
  • Outdoor Basketball Court Pressure Washing
  • Running Track Surface Cleaning
  • Gas Station Concrete Cleaning
  • Automotive Shops
  • Sidewalk Cleaning
  • Parking Lot Pressure Washing
  • Running Track Surface Cleaning
  • Gas Station Concrete Cleaning
  • Automotive Shops
  • Retail Stores and Storefronts
  • Exterior Wall Surface Cleaning
  • Office Buildings
  • Building Pressure Washing

Reasons You Should Pressure Wash Your Business

While a lot of tips to increase foot traffic translate to wacky-waving inflatable tube men and other over-the-top promotions, we recommend starting with the basics: make sure your exterior is clean and inviting. Layers of dirt can easily dim lighted signage and streaks of mildew on building facades can give the impression of low-quality products or services inside the establishment.

Keeping your business clean and easily recognizable from the road, will provide customers who may be unfamiliar with your area, an image of and up-to-date facility to lure them in for those last-minute purchases.

There are some businesses (such as daycares, restaurants, healthcare clinics, hospitals, schools, and banks) whose clients and customers have an assumption of cleanliness. The businesses typically involve a higher-than-normal cycle of customer flow and needs to be cleaned inside and out regularly.

Consumers often judge a book by its cover and make quick judgment calls, (like where to eat lunch) based on how the outside of the property is maintained. This can influence customer reviews for your business on platforms such as Google, Facebook and Yelp. If your business is not technically dirty, customer perceptions can be your reality.

It is well documented that happy employees translate to a heftier bottom line. Having a clean workplace encourages employees to take pride in their work, which can relate to higher profits. In 2014, Harvard Business Review found that customers who had good customer experiences spent 140% more than those with the worst customer experiences.  Tell your clients and employees alike that you pay attention to detail and you care about their experience by giving them a fresh storefront every time they enter your place of business.

When consumers have multiple choices for common services (such as restaurants, dry cleaning, grocery stores, etc.), you need to leverage every edge to earn your customer’s business. When it comes to making a decision between you and your competitor, appearances can often sway potential customers who are yet undecided.

Customers often have an idea of who they want to do business with based on their overall lifestyle. Matching the exterior of your business with the exceptional quality of your services or products can yield a tremendous return through customer acquisition and retention.

Promotions and sales still matter even in the current climate of online retail. This goes far beyond simply pressure washing your building and can extend to an entire outdoor persona and brand experience. New temporary signage, flags, window displays, inflatables, seasonal sales and so much more can be utilized to capture the attention of potential customers. Having that clean exterior helps to enhance your curb appeal even further which will help to enhance your overall sales.

Capitalizing on particular events or times of year such as a Fall or Spring-cleaning event is another great promotional opportunity to clean out unsold inventory.

Consider pressure washing your property on a regular basis as a preventative measure to save on costly exterior building repairs. This will extend the life of your building and keep maintenance costs low.

There are many benefits to scheduling recurring power washing services, such as: preventing damage, ensuring a healthier environment for customers as well as employees, and improving the overall look of your property.

Regular pressure washing is a must for all commercial buildings and Under Pressure, will take care of your building and grounds to take the pressure off of you.

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