Dumpster Pad Cleaning


Dumpster Pad Cleaning Done Professionally

The dumpster and dumpster pad area is a vital space for every business. Unfortunately, it’s one of those places that can quickly become covered with garbage, leaving an unsanitary and smelly atmosphere for your customers and employees. Listed below are a few critical reasons why your dumpster area should be kept clean.

Under Pressure will make sure that your dumpster pad is as clean as possible. Our expert professional team will make sure to eliminate all grime, dirt, oil and any other hazardous material. We can also remove any foul odors that are emanating from the dumpster pad.


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Reasons You Should Clean Your Dumpster Pad

Customers and employees notice. Even if your dumpster pad is hidden behind a privacy fence, it will not be unnoticed by many of your visitors if not properly kept up with. Aside from the spilled debris, the smell will have a way of letting everyone know that they’re unclean.

Professionally cleaning your dumpster pad will help keep a clean image of your business, enhancing your customer’s overall experience. Remember, people make judgments from how properties appear to be run, and with a clean dumpster pad, they won’t find any reasons to think different.

On-the-job injuries is among the top of scenarios every company wants to avoid. If an employee goes to take out the trash and slips because of build-up in the dumpster area, your company could be held liable. Protecting employees from dangerous accidents is in everyone’s interests. Dumpster pad cleaning will clean up slippery spills and substances that put your workers at risk.

The dumpster area is often a popular spot for pesty critters such as roaches, mice, rats, birds, ants, raccoons, and possums. While rotting food all over the ground may make our stomachs turn, they’re tasty treats for these pests. No one wants to take out the trash and be met by rodents, so keeping the pest population under control is necessary, especially if you are in the food industry. When unwanted pests can’t find anything to eat, they’ll move elsewhere, sparing your business and employees of any headache.

Harmful bacteria and other bacteria often grow where there is garbage lying around. Dirty dumpster pads don’t just attract pests, but they also become a breeding point for germs. Employees who take out the trash are exposed to these substances every time they go to the dumpster and having anyone get sick is never good for business. Our proven cleaning techniques use premium cleaning solutions that eliminate these harmful particles. Not only will your dumpster pad look better and smell better, but it will also be disinfected as well.

Keep Pests and Odor Away From Your Business

We highly recommend that you schedule a dumpster pad cleaning regularly. Remember, a sanitized dumpster area not only improves the smell and look of your business but also promotes a safer environment for everyone.

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