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Soft Washing for Homes of any Size

Under Pressure offers an industry-trusted, low to no pressure cleaning method called soft washing.  Soft washing is an alternative to pressure washing services used to clean exterior surfaces, such as: vinyl and aluminum siding, HardyPlank, gutters, soffits, stucco exterior walls and dryvit. This soft wash cleaning method offers comparable results without the possible material removing (permanent) effects of high-pressure cleaning.

Why Soft Washing?

Soft washing is a safe and effective cleaning method that utilizes a lower pressure delivery system.  The first step in soft washing is applying a high-quality cleaning solution at a low pressure (similar to that of a garden hose). The cleaning solution has detergents and algae killing chemicals to eliminate green and black mold growth and cleaning agents to attack other types of surface dirt.  After the cleaning solution is applied and allowed to sit on the surface for a short period of time, the entire surface is rinsed with a high volume, low pressure rinsing. The dead algae and dirt are rinsed away, and you are left with a clean, sanitized surface.  An added value is that our soft wash cleaning process will not void any manufacturer’s warranties on your vinyl siding or windows.

Soft washing your home may seem like an added expense or luxury if you are not aware of its benefits. In South Louisiana, we are especially prone to mildew and algae due to our severe elements year-round. Other factors such as rain, dirt, wind, insects, birds, and pollutants (such as acid, smoke, and exhaust from cars) can make your home look discolored and unkempt. If left too long, your home could also become permanently discolored or damaged. Aside from your home, Under Pressure can also soft wash sheds, outdoor kitchens, vinyl, roofs, gutters, concrete, and flat work. 

Check out a list of great reasons for you to soft wash your home below!

Soft washing increases your home’s property value by preventing damage that occurs with the combination of pollutants in the air and the natural abrasive action of wind with dust and dirt. A clean home is naturally more appealing and valuable than a home that is dirty and appears to be in disrepair. Professional washing restores your home’s look making it not only easier to sell but at a higher price as well.

A clean home exterior stands out in comparison to other homes in the neighborhood. Think of a clean home as the extra enhancer to the visual appeal of your home and property and supplements any additional work you do to your home such as landscaping. It can also provide you with a sense of pride as your home will freshly stand out in your neighborhood.

Millions of people in the United States are impacted by allergies each year. Many of the causes of allergies are dust, mold spores, mildew and pollen that cling to your house. This can be washed away with power washing and cleaning solutions used to kill algae and fungus and protect against harmful bacteria growth. Protect the health of your family by eliminating these pesky pollutants.

Selecting the right professional soft washing company will save you valuable time. No need to hunt down equipment, cleaning solutions, protective gear, prime surfaces, or even do the cleaning yourself! When you hire Under Pressure, you are hiring professionals who will do the job twice as fast and without the worry of damage that the average homeowner may experience because of the knowledge and consistency we perform these tasks every day. 

By maintaining the clean exterior surfaces of your home, you save money on surface repairs, unnecessary repainting, and damage from insects or those annoying bird droppings.

Under Pressure is already equipped with ladders, hoses, and commercial grade washing equipment and cleaning chemicals. Don’t run around renting and trying to figure this out. Get professional help!

Power washing equipment produces high pressure water streams that will damage human limbs and tissues if not handled properly. Additionally, cleaning chemicals need to be used with proper protection. Hiring professionals will avoids these risks for you, as well as the possibility of falling off ladders. Be safe, let Under Pressure handle the job.

If you have plans to repaint or resurface your home’s exterior, soft washing is the perfect step to prepare the surface for the new paint or surface treatment. For paint to adhere properly, you must remove the gunk and grime that naturally adheres to a surface, leaving it smooth and receptive for the new look. 

Pressure Washing

While you may see friends and neighbors using pressure washers on their homes, it is technically not the right way to properly clean a house. High pressure water can easily do irreparable damage to paint and siding, causing water to seep into your house.

While it may look clean to the naked eye, it does not kill all of the thriving organic materials, such as algae!

By properly soft washing your home with the correct detergents and algaecides, you can extend the life of your paint and siding and enjoy the beauty of your home’s exterior for years to come.

Professional Roof Washing

Dirty Roof? 

There’s a good chance that the “dirt” on your roof is not really dirt. Its very likely that the dark streaks are caused from living organic materials, such as algae.

Algae primarily grows where moisture tends to hold on roof surfaces. Our humid, rainy, hot weather in south Louisiana helps to create the optimal climate for algae growth to thrive on your roof, causing marks, streaks, and other discoloration. 

Regularly cleaning your roof will prevent the loss of shingle granules by killing the organic matter feeding on your roof. This loss of granules compromises the shingles ability to protect your home. Over time, this could lead to premature roof failure.

The dark organic buildup will absorb more heat and reduce the natural reflective properties of your roof. This can prevent additional heat being absorbed, therefore decreasing the amount of energy needs to cool your home.

Your roof is likely the largest continuous surface on your home. Cleaning this surface and removing any streaking instantly boosts curb appeal and brings your home back to life. Many homeowner associations and even some insurance companies require that your roof is regularly maintained. 

Remember to NEVER use a high-pressure system to clean the shingles on your roof. Applying high pressure to your shingles will expedite the loss of granules and will not effectively eliminate the living organisms. Contact us today for more information on Under Pressure’s safe process to clean and protect your roof.


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